Society Handicap List

Below is the latest instance of the full members handicap list.

Remember that this is a list of society handicaps only, if a member has a club handicap then that member has to play off whichever handicap is lower.

Alternatively click on this link to open up the handicap list in a full window:

Handicap List

alt : handicaps.pdf

Handicap Explaination

To help with the handicaping we are using a software package called Handicap Master. By using this system we will be able to maintain pretty much all the competitions/annual prizes that we have with the minimum of effort.

We will be using the following handicap categories:

Handicap Score Above Handicap Score Below Handicap
up to 6 0.1 0.1
7 to 12 0.2 0.2
13 to 18 0.3 0.3
19 to 28 1 1

The above will penalise players for winning by their handicaps creeping up slowly rather than the big jumps when a good round drops of the 6 qualifying scores as current. Standard scratch will be defined as taking the average of the top 3rd of scores on any event, again this fits in with the software.

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