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Apparently started in 1968 in a phone box near Old Fold Manor Golf Club......

My thanks to Alan Rosser, for the following, that clarifies the link between "phone box" and "Old Fold Manor" above!

"As to the origins of the golf society, in 1968 six of us decided to have an EBOGFC 'golf society' meeting and as such met at the end of Belmont Avenue, opposite the school, whereby we each in turn telephoned our employers to 'call in sick'. As you can imagine the poor sod who was on the phone was subjected to all sorts of abuse and antics in an attempt to induce laughter while attempting to convince the person on the other end of the phone that they were not well!! The six of us - Rosser, Sims, Hunt, Heath, Griffiths and Boxall then went off to Old Fold Manor G.C. to enjoy 36 holes of golf broken up with a sandwich and liquid lunch in the Two Brewers Pub - no longer there.

In those days everything was done 'off the cuff' and it wasn't for a couple of years that we became relatively organised and booked days in advance including lunch and evening refreshments. We have progressed over the years, with no small thanks to Fred Ruddle, Colin Griffiths, Barry Saunders and Sid Draper into the smooth running society that we are today. Magnificent trophies, triangle matches, singles knockout and weekend events have all been introduced."

We would welcome further input regarding the history of the club and any other recollections from members

Conact Info

Secretary: Richard Smith

Captain: Jason Grandis

Treasurer: Matt Jakobsson